mace systems limited

Mobile Stock Take

Our new mobile Stock Take application will allow you to perform stock taking operations whenever you need them. Create stock take lists, search for products, or manage your transactions, all while removing the need for users to be off the system. Using the mobile Stock Take app, performing your stock take is made easy and efficient.

Features include:

  • Create stock take lists by Product, Group, Supplier and Bin ranges.
  • Product Searching.
  • Searching using barcode scanning.
  • Cut Cable.
  • Multiple Bins.
  • Decimal Places.
  • Allocated/Committed update.
  • Live Transactions.
  • Display Committed Stock
  • Display Product History

Mobile POD

With our mobile POD application, handling your deliveries is made simple. Use Depot mode to load boxes, generate barcodes and print van summaries to efficiently manage your goods. In Delivery mode, track your deliveries using barcode scanning, capture names and signatures, or add notes. Mark missed orders, and print, email, or archive delivery notes, attaching the signature, name and notes directly. Using our mobile POD, manage every aspect of your deliveries in one app, ready to go as your goods come in.

Depot mode features:

  • Load boxes
  • Print van summary sheets.

Delivery mode features:

  • Scan boxes for delivery.
  • Capture a name and signature.
  • Add notes.
  • Mark orders as missed.
  • Print/Email/Archive delivery notes on delivery.
  • The ability to attach the signature, name and notes to the delivery note.

Mobile Signature Pads

Replace costly and cumbersome signature pads with our Signature Pad application for mobile devices. With an automatic connection to the order entry system and manual order scanning, capture names and signatures instantly. Apply multiple PC connections per device and make signature collection cost and time efficient.

Features include:

  • Automatic connection to the order entry system.
  • Multiple PC connections to one device.
  • Signature and name capture.
  • Manual order scanning.

Mobile Sales Orders

Create Sales Orders wherever you need, from the counter to the showroom, with our new mobile Sales Order application. Select products displayed with their stock balances, control discounting and pricing, as well as minimum profits. Using our mobile Sales Orders app, create orders on the go and upload them instantaneously to the Mace System.

Features include:

  • Displays product stock balances.
  • Pulls customer by customer pricing.
  • Controlled discounting and pricing.
  • Minimum profit control.
  • Create orders on the fly.
  • Offload to MACE when finished.

Mobile Quotes

Whether you’re on the showroom floor or out on site, our new mobile Quotes application will enable you to create quotes straight from your device. Generate mobile quotes, add products, and control their quantities, pricing and discounts. Convert your quotes to mobile orders and open them instantly with our mobile Sales Order app. Alternatively, convert them straight into MACE sales orders through Network Client, managing the entire sales process wherever you are.

Features include:

  • Create quotes on the go.
  • Control product quantities and prices.
  • View product stock balances.
  • Email quotes within the application.
  • Minimum profit control.
  • Save pricing amendments.
  • Convert to a mobile order and open with the mobile Sales Orders app.
  • Convert into a MACE Sales Order through Network Client.
  • Custom themes and colours.

Mobile Customer Enquiry

Grab your essential customer data straight from your device either at the office or out on the road, with our new Mobile Customer Enquiry application. View account information such as their credit limit and terms. Review the outstanding balance totals for sales orders, invoices and credit notes, as well as the account turnover and period balances. Download and track your customer data with ease.

Features include:

  • View essential customer information from your device.
  • Review the total outstanding balances for orders, invoices and credit notes.
  • View balances by period with a detailed drilldown.
  • Track outstanding PPD (prompt payment discounts).

Mobile Picking

Integrating directly with the sales ordering system, the MACE Mobile Picking app is designed to automate your picking system, reducing paper waste while creating a digital trail of everything that has been picked.

Features include:

  • Managers are able to assign Picking Notes to specific Pickers.
  • Pickers can view stock they need to pick digitally against their assigned orders.
  • Allow over-picking up to the order quantity due to stock discrepancies.
  • Manger verification of picked items.
  • Automatically adjust the order according to what has been picked.

Mobile Archiving

Our new Mobile Archiving app is a secure and streamlined way to manage your system documents. View and download archived attachments for any MACE system feature, including sales orders, invoices, purchase orders and statements. Upload new files straight from your device, and access them through Network Client.

Features include:

  • Download and view attachments for MACE system documents, including sales orders, invoices, purchase orders and statements.
  • Upload and archive new files from your device.

Mobile GRN

Complete your goods received processes as your deliveries come in with the MACE Mobile GRN app. Select from your outstanding purchase orders and receive the goods straight to stock or quarantine, with full support for back-to-back sales order links and suspended sales order printing.

Features include:

  • Goods receive purchase orders from your mobile device.
  • Receive both full and part deliveries to stock and quarantine.
  • Allocate and update stock levels for linked sales orders automatically.
  • Print stock posting and allocation reports.
  • Support for multiple bins.
  • Support for cable products.
  • Barcode scanning.